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Gigs by facebookguy

★★★ GET a professional logo designed for only $10! ★ I have a team of experienced designers and will design a profession, enticing and creative LOGO for your Business. The designed logo will provide the perfect branding for your business and appeal to your target audience and provide credibility. Will provide the logo in .jpg and .psd format.

I will design a Professional And Enticing EBook cover for $5

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★★★ GET a professional e-book cover designed for only $5! ★ I have a team of experienced designers with an average of 5 years experience. We will create a PROFESSIONAL design for your EBOOK that will appeal to your target market. We have been designing e-book for my clients for the last 5 years and designed the same for all industry. Just send me the description and I will create an STUNNING e-book cover that will help increase your sales and credibility.

I am going to provide you both YouTube and Twitter customized background design for your profile or your company. I have a team of highly skilled and experience design specialist and will incorporate your vision in the background design. You will just need to provide me with your idea or any references in this regard and our team will do the rest. We have been in this business for 6 years and you can expect only quality work from my team.

I have an experienced design team, who will create an enticing profile for your social networking profile like facebook, myspace, hi5, twitter, friendster and others. I can recreate your picture to give it a cool look or use any avatar you want. You will need to let us know what you want and we will create the same.

I'll register a gmail address and create account at the top 20 do dollow Social Bookmarking websites (slashdot, digg, reddit, stumbleupon, squidoo, delicious, technorati etc). I will use different username for the accounts. Once the account creation is completed, I will give you the account access details. I will also log into the email and verify the accounts. It would take about 4 hours to do the work, that I will complete for only $6.

I have a huge list of facebook profiles each of which has approximately 1,000 to 5,000 friends. You can send them a friends request and then use Tag, Wall Post - this will get you a significant exposure for your business, promote your products or services and get facebook likes etc.

This gig will provide you instant promotion of your website, blog, product or service to my 2200+ friends on myspace. I can add your message, with link or video to my main page on my myspace account.

I will get you 1,000+ Active LinkedIn connection! Guaranteed. Linkedin, the second largest social networking site in the world, with over 120 MILLION Active users. The gig will help you to supercharge your connection and get your profile noticed. I will send yoy a list of 1,500+ Linkedin Users who will happily accept you in their network.

I will add to your Twitter account 1,000 new twitter followers for $8

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I will get you 1,000 new twiiter followers Guaranteed. I will make sure that the followers are added evenly over 7 day period. This gig will help to jump start on your followers! This service will require your account access details.

My Facebook account has 60 friends. It is an old profile of 4 years and most of the 60 friends are authority figures. I'll post your ad or anything you want on my Facebook wall. This is a great way to gain exposure or increase sales for your product. I'll send you a screen shot as a proof.