Google Plus – A New Social Networking Marketing Platform

Google + was launched in June 2011 and it is considered as a major Google’s social networking site. The craze of this new Google + social networking project is now dominating most online discussions. The social media marketers are now discussing on the subject whether Google + will be dominating over Facebook and other social networking sites or not.

Although Google + is now for personal users, you can still use it for your business also. Google has put a lot effort and money for it and they are keen to see Google + as a premiere social networking site alongside Facebook in future.

Generally one has to be invited by the other user to join Google + and after that you can set up your profile for public.

Features of Google +:

One of the most important features of Google + is Google circles. This allows the users to configure their privacy settings in order to effectively manage friends on their network. It increases the user’s flexibility to share their updates as well as news feeds with selected friends. As a result the users will enjoy more control over the viewers of their updates.

Another cool feature of Google + is Google Hangout. It is a face-to-face video communication feature that allows friends to join in a video conference. However, a user requires a webcam to enjoy this feature and up to 10 users can video chat one at a time.

Another notable feature is Google spark that enables users to search articles as well as other online contents on different topics. One can also share those articles with the other friends in Google +.

The other notable feature of Google + includes Huddle, Instant Upload etc.

Google + Benefits:

The main important benefit of Google + is that it enables its users to get personalized Google products. From Google +, Google can learn how many products are being liked by the users. It will also increase the privacy of the users as it lets the users see different posts by one user.

How to Start with Google +:

The first thing you need to start up with Google +, is to set up a profile. You can then upload a picture or an avatar. You can, here, decide which parts of your profile you will keep for public and which parts you will keep private. You should include some important information on your Google + profile such as a brief bio, occupation, educational qualifications, employment history, relationship status, gender etc.        


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