About Us

SocialAdGigs.com is developed from a vision to give advertisers access to social media platform for promoting their products and services in a cost effective manner.  This platform is a new innovation in social media advertising. It provides a unique platform, where advertisers can reach their consumers leveraging the power of social media. This is the age of Influence marketing and buyers are inclined to buy a product that is referred by their friends. SocialAdGigs provides the advertisers to promote their products using influence marketing and  provide a means to reach their targeted consumers in the social networking sites at a fraction of the cost in comparison to advertising in other channels.

SocialAdGigs offers advertisers advanced targeting tools in social profile sections such as country, city, gender, number of followers and price. This is to ensure that the advertiser can target local consumers through this medium in order to generate a good ROI on their advertising dollars.

SocialAdGigs also offers targeted site ads and link building opportunities. The platform helps advertisers to find sites with targeted traffic, where they can promote their services by filtering options such as PR, genre, country, amount of traffic, ad type, post duration and price. Advertisers can communication with publishers before deciding to publish their ads on certain site and also can track the return on investment. The publishers also has a meaningful way to get paid from their site as revenue generated from Google site advertisement and other mediums are decreasing rapidly as the payouts are too low.

SocialAdGigs sellers can monetize their social channel and earn money by passive promotion of product and services from advertisers. We spend hours on social networking sites and these social sites provide the means of hanging out with our friends. SocialAdGigs provides you the platform to earn a passive income, while hanging out with your friends on the social networks.

The social traffic is more responsive than search engine traffic and targeted promotion in this sphere will help the advertisers generate the best ROI for your advertising dollars. In this age of advertising, where advertisers needs to spend substantial amount of money to reach the masses and create awareness for their products, SociaAdgigs.com offers a platform with which they can create their brand awareness at an affordable rate.